Baby T-Rex Sneak Peak!


I'm excited to share this sneak peak of the free pattern I'm working on right now! When Marie and I first started blogging I asked my three year old if there was anything he wished I would make for him, and this is it! He followed me around for the next few weeks asking "Are you done my dinosaur now?" "You aren't cleaning so you must be working on my dino, right?" His persistence paid off, we've got a small army of these guys in our house right now since I've become a little obsessed with testing the pattern. I'm loving how they've turned out! 

I've still got a bit of editing to do to make sure I'm not the only person who can actually read and understand my pattern, but it will be ready really soon!

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I've started an Etsy shop where you can buy some of our finished products!   I've put some T-Rex babies up, and you can find some finished adjustable masks there for dress-up play as well! 

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xo, Laura