Contrast Kitchen Hand Towel

kitchen hand towel

This contrast kitchen hand towel is arguably one of the most useful things I've ever made for our home! My mom had a few different hand towels that buttoned onto the oven handle when I was growing up. It's funny what strange objects can trigger fond memories, but hanging hand towels are on my list of things that get me feeling nostalgic. If you need a towel, it's probably best to use one that adds a nice charm to the kitchen! I've collected a few hanging hand towels for our home over the years, and had fun adding my own design to the mix.

Never mind how cute it looks, I love how practical this crocheted hand towel is. It stops the spread of germs by clearly distinguishing which towel is for hands and which should be reserved for dishes. The fact that I never find it on the floor after it's been used by a hasty toddler is pretty nice too! 

kitchen hand towel

This pattern comes together really quickly. I'm looking forward to making more for myself and to give as gifts!  If you make one too, we would love for you to email us a picture, or share on Instagram and tag @theyarnandhook. Please comment with any questions you have! Happy crocheting!

xo Laura

Contrast Kitchen Hand Towel


SC = single crochet

HDC = half double crochet

CH = chain

Dec SC = decrease single crochet

Medium Level 4 Yarn in two colours {I used 1 skein each of Bernat Handicrafter Cotton in White and Overcast}                                     *It's important to use cotton yarn for this item, for absorbency* 

Size 5mm crochet hook
Chain 42 in the darker colour.
Row 1: SC into second stitch from hook, SC in each stitch to end. Join white without fastening off by pulling it through the last single crochet.

Rows 2, 3: *Turn. Chain 2, (in white) HDC in each stitch to end.* Repeat for row 3.

Want a quick picture walk-through of the colour switching process? I thought you might. 

Row 4: Carry the working end of the darker yarn up to join the last stitch of row 3 by pulling the darker colour through the 3 loops or the HDC. *Chain 2, HDC in each stitch to end. Repeat from* for Row 5
Rows 6 - 23: Continue this way, repeating the process of *switch colours, CH 2, HDC in each stitch to end, turn, CH 2, HDC in each stitch to end* until you have 6 stripes of each colour. (23 rows total)

Row 24: Switch to the darker colour by pulling it through the loops of the final HDC in row 23. CH 2, and HDC in each stitch to end. CH 1.

Row 25: Turn, SC into each stitch to end. Fasten off, pulling the tails of both yarns through the final SC.
Oven Fastener:
Row 1: Join the darker yarn to the top corner of work and SC 48 evenly along the edge. (This will cover over the yarn you carried over.) CH 1.

Row 2: Turn. SC in every other stitch to end. (24 stitches) CH 2.

Row 3: DC in every other stitch to end. (12 stitches) CH 1.

Row 4 - 17: *SC in each stitch to end (12 stitches) CH 1. Turn.* Repeat x16

Row 18: Dec SC, SC 8, Dec SC, CH 1. Turn. (10 stitches)

Row 19: SC 10. CH 1, Turn.

Row 20: Dec SC, SC 6, Dec SC, CH 1. Turn. (8 stitches)

Row 21: SC 8, CH 1, Turn.

Row 22: SC into first stitch, skip 3, use your hook to stretch out the fourth stitch a little (this will become the button hole), and work a fan stitch into it (3 DC, CH1, 3 DC in same stitch) skip 2, SC into final stitch in row, fasten off.

Join white onto side of fastener at the top of the DC row. SC all the way around to the top of the DC row on the other side. Weave in any ends.
Attach a small button, and enjoy!