Recyclable Christmas Wrapping Ideas

Ever since I found out that wrapping paper often times isn't recyclable, or very difficult to recycle, I've been looking for alternative ways to wrap gifts. Lots of people use gift bags which can be reused year to year, however, I don't like keeping and storing items around my house that I only use once a year. Who has the space for that? I'd rather prioritize my yarn storage, thank you very much. 

I am not a perfect person (surprised?!). In general, and when it comes to earth friendly habits. I make small steps here and there, like ditching the single serve plastic coffee cup machines for an old fashioned drip machine. The way I wrap my gifts is my next small step.

I now use Kraft paper, which you can find at the post office, and is easy to recycle!  I also hold on to last year's Christmas cards, use the templates found here and here from Martha Stewart and make my own gift tags out of the cards. 

I thought my 4 year old daughter wouldn't be too happy about the switch to brown paper, but she loves the recycled card gift tags so much she hasn't really noticed! I'm also prepared to let her stamp and colour all over the paper if she wants to, when she's giving a gift to a friend. 

Not only does this simple method of wrapping gifts help save the environment, it helps save money too! Will you be trying these recyclable gift wrap ideas this year? How do you take small steps to reduce waste and save money over the holidays?